Who are we?

As a manufacturer of several kinds of edible nuts and dried fruits, our company processes its products in its own facilities and delivers it to many well-known companies worldwide. One of the key aspects of our business is the care and service with which we serve our customers. Delivering the best possible quality at a fair price is a very high priority of our company.

Therefore we ensure an effective and efficient delivery process of our products to our customers, which makes our company policy: ‘’Products of the same taste, freshness and quality.’’

Our products are cleaned, classified and go through metal detection systems in our factories to ensure a high product quality. Also, on the day of packing we take samples to test the quality of our products. De packages that are used are heat, light and moisture resistant, which ensures that our products are not exposed to harmful substances. In this way we guarantee a longer freshness of our products and ensure that the products meet our high quality standards.

With our extensive distribution network, we are able to serve our customers in more than 29 countries worldwide.

Our expertise

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